The Plan to Generate Yeast.

Here’s the plan

3 businesses.
Outreach for all 3 at the same time, daily, in order to get maximum results.

The first business is a web design / funnel creation agency.
This agency will target service providers, such as HVAC, landscaping, contractors, plumbers, etc.
Design and optimize their websites using funnels and scheduling apps, allowing the client to have access to their leads / scheduling right through their site.
20 cold emails a day, times the 4 people in the house, is 80 emails a day.
5 days a week, thats 400 businesses reached every week.
If we can shoot for a 1% closing rate, thats 4 designs weekly.
$500 minimum per design.
$2,000 / week.

Business 2 is semi related.
We find businesses that are B2B – web design agencies, lead generation agencies, email marketing agencies – etc etc.
Cold e-mail them and pitch to them that we’ll do their targetted and personal email outreach for them to book them more meetings.
If we can prove results from business 1, that our cold emails do infact work, and we can show them the kind of open / meeting book rates we’re getting..
Let’s say we pitch an e-commerce email marketing agency. Their base client package goes for $2,500 a month.
If we can get them on the phone with 10 e-commerce brands a month, they have the possibility of generating $25,000 if they close all 10.
Closing all 10 is unrealistic, so lets just say they close 30%, because they’re a good agency with good client results etc.
They make $7,500, we charge them $2,000 to get them the leads.
Bling blaow, we rinse and repeat and just send emails every month to get other businesses clients.

Business numba 3 –
Sales. Find an influencer on social media that sells a high ticket (over $1,000) product. Course, training, mentorship, whatever the fuck it is.
Pitch to them that we’ll hop on the phone with their leads, and convert those leads into sales for 25% of sales.
Example –
This course is $997.
This lad has 113,000 followers.
He’s easily getting 10 interested customers a week.. lets say 20.

I hop on the phone with those individuals, and help them through the sales process.
Make them feel more comfortable spending $1000 on the coourse, and I get 30% of those 20 to buy.
6 sales makes Cameron 6 x $997.00 = $5,982

For helping him sell those courses, I charge Cameron 25% = $1,495.50

Just for hopping on 20 minute phone calls.

These 3 are all 6 figure revenue generators.
It’s not gonna be easy, because we’ll get rejected time and time again.
But all we need is that one client and we validate the business model, have a case study to use with our outreach for new clients.

Once we get one person results.. we have PROOF that we can do what we say we do..


What we’ll need –
4 domains
Custom emails (GSuite = $6 / mo per user) = $24 / month
Cold email automation (LemList = $29 / mo per user) = $116 / mo
Lead generator (D7LeadFinder is $45 a month and allows you to generate up to 10,000 leads daily)

and some blood / sweat / tears.

Let’s get dis bread bbyyy

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